So what is Bimmermeet exactly? Well it’s a meet for BMW enthusiasts, only, it’s held in the beautiful Bangkok, Thailand. Their fourth edition took place recently and it gathered a variety of BMW owners and fans. The latest edition was presented under the slogan “A Tribute To BMW Art Cars” and as you’d expect, there were a lot of interesting Bimmers on display.

According to the organizers, there were 400 BMW cars. And not only models like the E21, E30, E36, E46, E90/E92, F30 and G20 from the 3 Series, but also the E12, E28, E34, E60, F10 and G30 from the 5 Series.

There were also rare breeds like the the Z3 M Coupe, Z4 M Coupe, Z3 Roadster and Z4 Roadster. You could also see some big hitters, like the M3 GTS or the E30 M3. The big coupe were also present – E9, E24 and E31.

Furthermore, the #BIMMERMEET4 ground wasn’t a car expo, but more of an art gallery as nine unique art cars created by renowned artists joined the parade to pay tribute to BMW Art Cars. Fans who attended were impressed with the unofficial BMW Art Cars. Several artists transformed BMWs into “canvasses” – a tradition that has travelled down through the years since 1975.

Thai multidisciplinary artists labeled their work as the “BMW Unbound World of Art Series” on the concept “A Tribute to BMW Art Cars”.

Click below to see more photos and videos from this unique BMW car event.