Amid the Coronavirus widespread and the current critical context, BMW Group Romania is premiering the remote car delivery and return for service operations, now available across the entire Romanian network of authorized BMW and MINI dealerships.

In this period of crisis, uncertainty and great market pressure on certain professional categories, the freedom of mobility is now crucial more than ever before. Thus, BMW Group Romania is now offering a catered solution for facilitating the safe delivery of a new car for programmed service operations.

The facility is free of charge for all clients who receive a new car. The pick-up and delivery service is free for all clients with a minimum service payment amount of RON 1,200 (approx. EUR 250 / USD 275). The take-over / delivery of the car is done with a transport platform, without the need for a direct contact between the dealership personnel and the customer, all the communication being carried out by telephone or in digital format.

In addition, through the digital video Smart Video Communication, clients receive complete information about the maintenance process and repairs underwent by their vehicles, including explanatory video material made by the service technician. Finally, the payment is made remotely, by online bank transfer.

The service is complemented by a car cleaning and protected work program – which includes direct disinfection of areas of the car, use of gloves and a protective cover for seats and steering wheel, in an effort to minimize the risk of contamination.

The Remote Car Delivery & Return facility premiered by BMW Group Romania involves two situations: handover of the car at the dealer without physical contact OR remote vehicle takeover from a specified address.

The clients needs to file a request for service operations through the BMW Connected app, online on the website or by phone, with a BMW consultant within the dealership network. The customer will receive a set of files that will need to be printed and filled in/signed. Afterwards, if possible, the client will head over to the dealer with the car in time with the scheduling of the service operation, will leave the car in the designated parking spot that was previously communicated and place the service documents and car key on the dashboard.

After the client leaves the area, the consultant will reach the car, wearing a mask and rubber gloves. He/she will take care to disinfect the door handle and to cover the seat, gear lever and steering wheel with protective covers and will proceed to disinfect. Afterwards, the consultant will drive the car into the service garage of the dealership, for the work to commence.

After the service ops are completed, the customer will receive the invoice with the final amount to be paid via e-mail. After sending the proof of payment / payment is fully processed by the dealership, the consultant will inform the client to come and pick up the car. The car is then being driven to the same initial parking spot, the protective covers are thrown off and the door handle is disinfected again. With the car key left on the dashboard, the client can now securely drive away, without the need of physical meetings with the consultant.

For the remote vehicle takeover, the steps are basically the same, except for the fact that the consultant will go to the indicated address to pick up the client’s car. After the service works are finished, he will then proceed to deliver the car back again to the customer. As always within these times, without physically meeting the client and thus reducing dramatically the risk of infection with the coronavirus.

The two situations are visually emphasized in the following videos posted below. Enjoy!

Handover of the car at the dealer

Remote vehicle takeover from a specified address

[Credits: BMW Group Romania]