Well, it’s that time of the week again. It’s time for you to caress your ears with the soothing voice of a nasally 30-year old car nerd, in a room with the acoustics of a cement coffin. It’s BMWBLOG Podcast time! All jokes aside, our latest episode of our podcast has gone live, it’s episode 21 and it’s a good one. And I’m not just saying that because I’m the host…

In this latest episode, Horatiu joins me to talk about a few different topics but the most important of which is the Coronavirus, which has been wreaking havoc across the globe. It’s a more somber and serious topic than our usual stuff but it’s important that we discuss it, its impact on the automotive industry and, more importantly, its impact on all of our lives. We’re living through history at the moment and every move we, as a society, make will be recorded and analyzed for years to come.

Then we get onto some more lighthearted stuff. Since both Horatiu and I have driven the BMW M235i Gran Coupe quite extensively now, we both give our opinions on it; we talk about what we like about the car, what we don’t like and whether or not we think it has a future in BMW’s lineup. Horatiu, having the sort of inside information that he does, also gives a bit of insight that sheds some light on why it was made and where it might be going.

Lastly, we talk a bit about the upcoming 7 Series electric, a car that made some rounds in the news last week and one that we’re very excited about. Again, no one has the scoop on upcoming Bimmers like Horatiu, so he has some insight into what it will be like.

So check it out, listen up and don’t get too excited by the congested sound of a New Jersey Italian under quarantine.