As you might very well know prices for older BMW M3 models are going through the roof right now. The first one to start this madness was the BMW E30 M3 which can’t really be found in good condition today without a six-figure price tag. Then came the turn of the E36 M3, which might not be six-figure money but still more expensive than it should be nowadays, and now it seems like prices for mint BMW E46 M3 models are starting to swell up. That’s why I think this particular car, which is currently on sale, might be of interest.

Available on Classic Cars, the car seems to be in really good condition and well looked after. The odometer has only 34,000 miles on it which is great if you’re buying this car to actually enjoy it, not as an investment. If you’re thinking of buying this E46 M3 for its potential later down the line and a possible profit, you might want to check out other listings with lower miles. If you’re actually looking to enjoy this car, 34,000 miles is not a lot for the S54 engine under the hood.

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The pics show the this specific E46 M3 in incredibly good shape for its age, as it’s already 18 years old. The Nappa leather inside is particularly good looking but the Jet Black exterior is not too shabby either. The best part about it though is that it is a manual, and these are truly a rare sighting these days. Furthermore, the ad says it received a new flywheel and clutch recently along with a UUC short shifter, Bilstein PSS10 coilovers, and a Supersprint stainless steel exhaust.

If those changes are not to your liking, it’s rather easy to revert the car to the original state, as the modifications definitely are not extensive. Having driven the E46 M3 on a number of occasions, I think the exhaust should be kept on as it does enhanced the sound of the S54 engine. So, for the money, would this BMW E46 M3 be a good deal or would you say it’s still overpriced?

[Source: Classic Cars]