One of the most interesting people in all of the automotive industry is James May. Famously one of the hosts of Top Gear and now a host of The Grand Tour, May has been on television for decades and is one of the biggest automotive journalists in the world. He also has an uncanny ability to look at cars and the industry in an incredibly unique, mostly odd, both way and it’s always fascinating and hilarious to see what he has to say. In this new video, we get to hear James May’s thoughts on the new MINI Cooper SE and electric cars in general.

This is actually a very clever video, as it’s a video review within a video. So DriveTribe created a video review of the MINI Cooper SE with the question of whether or not May would like it in mind. Then, they showed that video review to May and recorded his reaction to it. It’s a funny idea and one that works perfectly with James May’s personality.

Another reason why this works so well is that James May owns the cousin of the MINI Cooper SE, the BMW i3. So the video is sort of asking whether or not May wants to trade in his i3 for the electric MINI. He then talks about his decision on the new MINI, what he does and does not like about it. It’s interesting to hear what he has to say, as both an i3 owner and, well, as James May.

He also talks about electric cars in general. May owns a few alternative-fuel cars; the aforementioned i3, a Tesla Model S 100D Long Range and a hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirui. So he understands the pros and cons of electric cars, what makes them special and what needs to change to make them more mainstream. It’s an interesting watch, so check it out.