Two new Photoshop images from @zer.o.wt highlight the design of the upcoming 2021 BMW M3 Sedan. His current renders show the front and rear of the BMW M3 G80, and, of course, the polarizing front-grille. As with the last two generations, the BMW M3 Sedan shares its front with a coupe and convertible, in this case, with the future G82 M4 Coupe and G83 M4 Convertible.

At the center of all speculations and discussions is the striking double kidney grille of the 2021 BMW M3, which will extend across the front-end at full height. The self-confident design clearly distinguishes itself from all the usual variants of the 3 Series, having its own identify in the BMW lineup.

Therefore, BMW M is pursuing a course similar to that of Mercedes-AMG, where customers have also wanted a clearer distinction from the base models.

The rear of the BMW G80 M3 looks down-to-earth comparatively to the front-end, mostly because the new M3 sedan remains much closer visually to the usual 3 Series. An aggressive diffuser surrounds the four tailpipes while vertical reflectors ensure a characteristic night look.

Furthermore, a subtle spoiler lip improves aerodynamic downforce. For the production vehicle, we can also expect a standard carbon roof that is not yet integrated in the Photoshop design shown above.

2021 BMW M3 Sedan: Market Launch in early 2021

The most important key points regarding the technology of the new BMW M3 G80 are already known, and more or less officially confirmed. The new 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are powered by the new S58 TwinTurbo in-line six-cylinder, which is already used in X3 M and X4 M.

A 480 hp variant also serves as an entry into the M3 and M4, and 510 PS is even available for the Competition models.

BMW will unveil the two M brothers later this Fall and sales will commence in early 2021.