One of Japan’s largest tuning companies, 3D Design, is also one of the very best makers of aftermarket parts for BMWs. 3D Design is known mostly for making its own cosmetic upgrades, both inside and out. Most notably, it’s known for making aluminum paddle shifters, which make modern BMWs more fun to drive. Now, though, the Japanese tuner is offering its own steering wheel for modern Bimmers and it’s ultra aggressive looking.

If you own a sporty BMW but it just doesn’t feel exciting enough inside the cabin, this 3D Design steering wheel should help with that. It looks similar to the one you can get right from BMW’s M Performance Parts Division but it’s more polygonal that that. It’s very angular, with big thumb cutouts and a mixture of leather and Alcantara, so it looks very sporty.

3D Design Steering Wheel 2 830x553

There’s also a 12-o’clock double stripe on the rim and contrast stitching throughout. What’s interesting is that it’s also slightly customizable. For instance, you can choose whether you want the middle spoke of the wheel to be either black or carbon fiber. You can also choose between plain blue or M-tricolor stitching. So 3D Design lets you tailor your steering wheel a bit, which is a nice option.

I also love how 3D Design perfectly designed the steering wheel to work with its aluminum paddle shifters. Those two big aluminum paddles sit perfectly behind the two wheel spokes and compliment its sportiness well. They just look so enticing, making you want to jump behind the wheel, grab a hold and drive.

One nice thing about this 3D Design steering wheel is the fact that it retains the factory BMW airbag. So there’s no worry about losing your safety to tripping any codes or setting off any warning lights.

3D Design Steering Wheel 21 830x553

Considering that the steering wheel is the only part of the car you touch with your hands during the entirety of you’re driving, getting a special one makes any car feel that much more special. This 3D Design steering wheel can do that and give your Bimmer a very exciting look and feel that you’ll notice every single time you drive it.