If you were having hopes for a mini-sized BMW, we have some bad news. No new model to slot below the 1 Series is considered at the moment. The 1 Series is set to remain the smallest BMW in production, as the Bavarians have recently dismissed the chances for a mini-sized model. Cited by Autocar, Peter Heinrich, responsible for BMW Products, has confirmed the brand is in no need to offer a sub-1 Series model, as it would cause an overlapping with the existing MINI Cooper.

As MINI already fulfills the task of a city car choice within the BMW Group, launching a mini-sized model from the core brand BMW would be pointless at the moment. Heinrich also argued that there would be no client demand for such an offering and, if ever greenlighted, it could some damage to the premium image of BMW.

As BMW is comfortable with MINI to compete with other similars-sized models, the Bavarians could further strengthen up the 1 Series lineup and solidify its position in the premium compact class, without the need of extra models to slot below.

According to a recent report, the current 1 Series is set to have a short lifecycle of up to 5 years, with no LCI procedure planned. But that has yet to be confirmed. By 2025, a new generation is expected to come into force, underpinned by an all new modular platform, which could house a variety of powertrain means, from ICE to plug-in hybrid and pure electric.

Given the ongoing electric model offensive from BMW, some rumors are indicating a possibility for a future i1-like all-electric compact car launching in 2021.

Yet, at the moment, given the alleged short lifecycle of the F40 generation it is still unclear if the current model will be eventually be the base for the electric 1 Series.