Of all the BMWs currently on sale, the M5 is probably the best overall car. It’s nearly faultless, with incredible performance, great handling, long-distance comfort and top-notch tech. However, stagnation is death, so the Bavarians aren’t going to just sit on their hands and wait for their competitors to leapfrog them. Hence why the BMW M5 is going to received its mid-cycle facelift (LCI) shortly and that very facelifted car has just been caught testing. (W e don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these photos, we see the upcoming BMW M5 LCI wearing some camouflage on its face and its butt. The differences seem to be minor but they should make it seem like a newer, fresher car when it finally arrives. For instance, the M5 will get new headlights, which are now more angular and squared off, and it will seemingly get new taillights, although they don’t seem too different in these photos.

To honest, the exterior design is probably the weakest link in the BMW M5 chain. Not that it’s bad but it’s a bit… bland. For an M car with 600 hp and the ability to embarrass some supercars, you’d think it would look a little bit more interesting. I guess its stale looks add to its sleeper ability. Either way, some exterior upgrades are welcome.

Inside, we’re hoping for a couple of changes. For instance, we hope that BMW’s new digital instrument panel replaces the current car’s half-digital setup. The new setup, with the new M Display, will be a welcome addition. The new M-style shift lever from the BMW M8 will also be a nice addition, if BMW chooses to use it. I love the current BMW M5 dearly but its plastic-fantastic shift lever feels and looks like a child’s toy. The new leather-covered one in the M8 is much nicer.

The F90 BMW M5 doesn’t need much updating but anytime a great car can be made even slightly better, we’re happy about it. Also, it gives us a reason to test the new M5 again.

[Source: Auto Express]