If you thought only BMWs had their own division of performance parts add-ons, you’d be wrong. While BMW’s M Performance Parts division has an extensive catalog of fantastic upgrades, it’s not the only brand in the BMW Group to have such a thing. MINI owners can also take part in upgrading their cars from the factory, with a wide variety of JCW (John Cooper Works) parts. Such as this MINI JCW seen at BMW Madrid.

The MINI JCW in question is fully decked-out in JCW upgrades that make the car look and feel more exciting and special than the standard car. For instance, its exterior is adorned with carbon fiber exhaust popes, an exclusive rear bumper to house them, special wings for the rear spoiler, Union Jack taillights and even a massive “JCW” sticker on the roof. It all combines to make for a very aggressive looking car, especially at the back, thanks to that rear bumper and carbon exhausts.

MINI JCW F56 performance parts 03 830x623

Inside, though, it looks even better. The MINI JCW steering wheel has been wrapped in Alcantara and it looks fantastic, like you just wanna grab hold of it and chuck the car around. It also has a JCW-style hand brake, with carbon fiber. That steering wheel is probably the best upgrade for the entire car because it’s one you’ll actually use every time you drive the car.

It’s hard to not love MINI JCW models, as they’re all a ton of fun and have so much character. In addition to that, one of the nicer things about buying a MINI is that no two MINIs are alike. They’re so heavily customizable that each car is quite unique. Even more so thanks to this large catalog of MINI JCW parts, which can make your car stand out even more than it already does.

[Source: BMW Madrid]