Now that all the celebrations for the New Year’s Eve are past us, we all know that the first big holiday coming up is Valentine’s Day. For many of us this poses a lot of challenges, especially for those out of inspiration. Well, MINI is trying to lend a helping hand and the guys and gals over at the British brand put together a small catalogue of items that could be used as a gift for your loved ones, especially if we’re talking about a car enthusiast.

MINI has been offering lifestyle accessories and items for quite some time now, the British brand launching a new collection every once in a while. For this occasion though, they just took some items out of the collection and introduced them as potential candidates as a gift for the loved ones. You could go for a MINI Color Block Wordmark T-Shirt which is available both for men and women, or a sweatshirt for women or maybe a cloth-bound notebook in which to write down creative ideas or draw as soon as the inspiration hits you.

Valentine’s Day should be about giving and in case you just want to offer someone a present that’s not necessarily for them, you could go for the items designed for kids. The MINI Knitted Car for example. The knitted racer for the very youngest MINI fans is available in British Green, Island Blue and Chili Red. In case you were wondering, it measures 26 centimeters in length, 14 centimeters in width and 13 centimeters in height. This way you’ll know if it will fit. With a plush filling, along with lovingly embroidered details such as headlamps, rear light units and license plates, the knitted car is my personal favorite here.

However, if you’re looking for something for a kid that’s past that age, the MINI Cooper S Pull Back likewise follows the racing line in the kids’ bedroom. Available in the colors Chili Red, Electric Blue and Volcanic Orange, these 1:36 scale miniatures have a robust plastic body and a pull-back motor for that traditional race car bed feeling. You can check out all the items in the gallery below.