In January 2020, MINI will organize the official press presentation for its new electric Cooper SE, which was designed to be CO2-neutral.

Miami, Florida, will host the global media launch of the new MINI Electric. As to further highlight the emission-free powertrain of the car, MINI has decided that the press event will be conducted in pure, CO2-neutral fashion as much as possible.

MINI Cooper SE 2 830x553

The entire test car fleet offered at the discretion of journalists will be recharged using solely renewable electric energy sources. What’s more, the inherent emissions that will be expelled in the atmosphere by the arrival and departure of journalists will be offset by the decision of the British brand to purchase environmental certificates. As well, MINI will also offer compensation for all the unavoidable emissions that will be produced in connection with the event.

The proceeds of the green certificates will be used to expand the Peralta wind farm from Uruguay, South America. This sustainable and renewable energy project was selected using high quality standards and has been thus acknowledged as a pioneering project by the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at the prestigious Harvard University. The wind farm comprises no less than 25 wind turbines, which produce enough electricity as to power approximately 50,000 households in the region.

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By 2030, Uruguay aims to achieve the status of complete climate neutrality and the expansion of the Peralta wind farm project further paves the way for the success of this daring target. As well, several other environmentally friendly project are being run in the south of Argentina.

There, in the Patagonia region, can be found the country’s largest CO2-neutral electricity plant, with expand on a surface of over 1,500 hectares and 43 wind turbines. The climate-neutral, electric energy produced here is afterwards supplied in the national power grid.

The new MINI Cooper SE boasts a pure electric powertrain with a peak output of 135 kW / 184 PS (181 hp). Hitting 60 km/h from standstill takes 3.9 seconds, while 7.3 seconds are needed to accelerate the car from 0 to 100 km/h. The high-voltage Li-Ion battery has a compact architecture and enables a range of 235 to 270 kilometers on a single recharge. The car can be charged at conventional household power sockets, by using the optional MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox or at a 50 kW fast-charging station.