The BMW X3 is heading into 2020 waiting for its facelift to pop up. This year we’ll get to see the updated version of the current X3 as well as the plug-in hybrid model we’ve been waiting for, the xDrive30e going on sale. Even though the popular compact SUV is now entering its fourth year of production, it’s still a hell of a good car and one that sells rather well. Therefore, when the guys from Autogefuel decided to do a comparison between all the premium choices in this segment, it was bound to be included in the mix.

As usual, their video is rather long but, if you’re looking for a premium compact SUV and don’t know what to choose, it will be helpful. The cars going up against the X3 here are the Porsche Macan (refreshed in 2019), the Mercedes-Benz GLC (brand new model launched in 2019), the Audi Q5 and the Volvo XC60. Some, including myself, would add the Alfa Romeo Stelvio to that list as well.

The review goes over everything you could possibly want to know about the cars and therefore is over 90 minutes long. But what car rose above all others here? Well, as far as I can tell, there isn’t a clear winner as the guys just couldn’t make up their minds. There are a couple of clear winners for certain aspects you might be interested in. The Porsche Macan, for example, is the sportiest of the five but also the least comfortable.

The GLC and the XC60 share the number one spot in terms of interior design, while the exterior design category is won by the Volvo. In terms of infotainment the BMW and GLC share the top spot while the best all-rounder seems to be the Q5 but with a couple of issues as well, including the fuel consumption and general dull feeling.

The BMW X3 seems to offer the best compromise between a sporty driving feel and comfort when needed. It’s also the most composed and not a bad place to be inside. While the exterior is a bit more ‘conservative’ as they put it, it’s a car that ticks a lot of boxes.

In the end, it will come to personal preference and even brand loyalty but as far as a proper comparison between these cars goes, you won’t find a more detailed one online.