There are a lot of interesting cars coming from BMW in 2020 but the one that most enthusiasts have their eyes on is the upcoming 4 Series. After seeing the controversial BMW Concept 4, fans have been extremely curious about the design of the new 4er, to see just how much of the Concept’s design made it to production. For those curious fans, you’re in luck, as some new spy photos have surfaced, showing off the next-gen 4 Series Convertible sitting idle on a car carrier. (We don’t own the spy photos but check them out here)

In these photos, we see a heavily camouflaged 4 Series ‘Vert sitting on a truck and, while the camo covers most of the car, we can make out a few details. For instance, the photos of the front end get up close and personal, allowing us to make out some details through the camouflage. While the Concept 4 had a Kidney Grille so large it was comical, this car’s grille looks large but still not as large as the concept’s. In fact, it almost seems as if we can see the bottom trim of the grille and, if that’s the case, the grille is large but not obnoxiously so.

bmw 4 series cabriolet 830x487

Some more details are present, such as the design of the new taillights, which actually looks quite good. They’re slim and sporty looking, which is refreshing compared to the large taillights of the current 4 Series. In fact, overall, the new 4 Series Convertible looks sportier and sexier than the current car, even with camouflage on. Personally, I think the new 4er is going to be one of the best looking Bimmers on sale, when it finally debuts. It has some of the 8 Series’ styling to it but actually looks a bit better, thanks to its shorter length and wheelbase.

These photos also show off the interior but it’s not all that interesting. The lone, un-camouflaged photo of the 4er’s interior shows off a cabin identical to that of the 3 Series, which isn’t surprising. It’s not an issue, as it’s a great interior, but it’s just not all that interesting to see because it’s exactly as we expected.

We won’t see the production-ready 4 Series for a long while but it’s a car we’re keeping a close eye on. Its design could be quite controversial at the front but could be great looking everywhere else. So we’re very interesting in seeing the production car in the flesh.

[Source: Car Scoops]