The holiday season is nearing its end, as we approach the new year in just a few days. Being the end of the year and the holiday season, most people are in slow motion at the moment, wanting to sit back and unwind, rather than commute to work in the morning. For those of you that do need to make that morning commute, or need something to listen to to make the work day go faster, we’ve got you covered. For about a half hour, at least. Our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast is now live and it’s here to help you make it through the rest of this work week.

In this latest episode, we talk about a few interesting topics surrounding the BMW brand. For starters, I discuss a topic that we had talked about last week and that’s whether the BMW 1 Series M or the upcoming M2 CS is the better buy. The all-new BMW M2 CS is on its way and it carries a big price tag. For a bit less money, you can have a 1 Series M in good condition with low-ish miles. So which one is the better buy? Listen to the episode and find out.


I also discuss another upcoming BMW but it’s one that’s shrouded in more mystery — the BMW X8. From what we understand, the upcoming X8 will be a fully bespoke M Division product, not based on any production series BMW. Fans have been begging the M Division to make a bespoke M car for years now, so it seems like good news that one is finally coming. However, what I mention in this episode is the fact that the X8 isn’t exactly the bespoke M car fans were hoping for.

Those aren’t the only topics but I’ll leave the rest for you discover. Stay tuned for next week’s podcast, as it’s the last one of 2019. We’ve really enjoyed doing this over the past eleven weeks and we can’t wait to continue into 2020 and get some interesting guests on, as well as record episodes from different locations, like we did at the LA Auto Show. So we hope you’re enjoying the podcast and stay tuned for more in the coming year.

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