Every BMW loves the McLaren F1. Actually, scratch that, that’s not entirely accurate. Allow me to start over. Every car enthusiast in the world… Ya know what, let me start again. Everyone in the world loves the McLaren F1 because it’s one of the very most sensational driving machines in the history of the world, has a center-seating position and possibly the greatest internal combustion engine noise of all time. That last bit is what really drives BMW fans nuts, as the F1 was powered by a BMW M-developed engine. Now, though, two and a half decades later, the man behind the F1 is about to do it again. Welcome Gordan Murray’s all-new GMA T.50.

The T.50 is Gordan Murray’s latest attempt at a proper sports car. Despite its ludicrous performance capabilities (and we’ll get to those in a minute), Murray insists that it’s not some hypercar designed to compete with the likes of a McLaren P1 or something of that nature. Instead, it’s designed to be the last hurrah for engaging and thrilling sports cars. Which is why the GMA T.50 (Gordan Murray Automotive) has gobs or power and performance, as well as impressive technology, but is also quite simple.

Powering the GMA T.50 is a naturally-aspirated V12 engine built by Cosworth and it will be the highest-revving road car engine in history, boasting a redline of an astonishing 12,100 rpm. Though, even Murray admits its power tops out at just under 10,000 rpm, the last couple of thousand revs are purely for the noise. While it won’t have any turbochargers, it will have a 48-volt electric system with an integrated starter motor that adds a bit of electric power. In total, it makes 700 hp. That engine will also be paired with a six-speed manual gearbox only and drive the rear wheels.

But wait, it gets even better. The entire car will only weigh 980 kg (around 2,100 lbs). So the GMA T.50 will be lighter than a Mazda MX-5 yet more powerful than a BMW M8 Competition. If you think that sounds impossible to control, remember that its naturally-aspirated engine will provide it with a much more linear power band that will make it more approachable. Also, it will have some of the most sophisticated aero ever fitted to a road car. It will actually use a large fan to help move air through the car and past the rear diffuser and essentially suck the car to the road. It’s something that Murray used on the famous Brabham fan car back in Formula One.

Inside, the GMA T.50 will have three seats, just like the McLaren F1, with a center driver’s seat. It will also have a similar green house. In the one image we have, the GMA T.50 looks very good from behind and shows off its rear fan. However it also shows off front windows and glass roof panels that will make it very airy in the cabin.

Sure, Gordan Murray no longer uses a BMW engine but I think as fans of the McLaren F1 we can all get excited about the GMA T.50. On paper, it’s shaping up to be the most sensational road car in history.