Apple is a brand that seems to be the envy of the production world. Even brands that don’t manufacture electronics look to Apple as a gold-standard by which to run their company. BMW reps have cited Apple when discussing the brand’s plans or future products before. But the comparison between BMW and Apple is never an apples-to-apples (pun intended) comparison, as even the most expensive Apple product is cheaper than some BMW options. However, what he comparison was more accurate? What if there’s an Apple product that actually costs as much as a new BMW? Welcome to the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro is a high-end computer designed for professionals; web developers, graphic designers and animators, so it’s very expensive to start, at around $6,000. That’s expensive but it’s not outrageous, considering the power it packs and its intended use. However, if you max out its options and specs, it costs a lot more than that. Over eight times that, in fact.

A fully-maxed-out Mac Pro will set you back north of $50,000, which is more than a loaded BMW 330i. Hell, it’s more than a BMW M340i. That’s pretty insane. While its specs are equally as insane, it’s likely not worth buying unless you’re working on the CGI for the next Marvel movie. The max specs are as follows: Intel 28-core 2.5 GHz processor, 1.5 TB of RAM, 4 TB of storage space and twin 32-GB graphics cards. That’s quite insane. It’s been a long time since I fiddled with building my own computers but this still seems like madness to me.

Oh, and get this. For $50-grand, you don’t even get a monitor. Seriously, you don’t get a monitor. If you want the special Mac Pro monitor, the Pro Display XDR with “nano-textured glass”, you’ll have to spend an extra $6,998. That’s almost $60,000 for a computer. I was just browsing classifieds for an E28 BMW M5 because I like to fantasize about owning one someday and a pristine example was just under $60,000.

So would you rather have one of the all-time greatest sport sedans in history, the car that literally created super sedans, or would you rather have a max-spec Mac Pro?