A couple of years ago, I tested the then-new BMW 6 Series GT. It was a car that, objectively speaking, perfectly fit the needs of its clientele. I found it to be comfortable, incredibly quiet and effortlessly smooth, while also having surprising practicality. Subjectively, I didn’t like it at all but that’s only because it doesn’t fit my personal taste and not because it’s a bad car. To be honest, most of my dislike came from the way it looked. Hopefully, that changes a bit with the new facelift that was seen testing in camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but see them at the clicky-link)

A facelift won’t fix all of the visual issues with the 6 Series GT, such as its frumpy hunchback. However, it will get a new face, which should help.

Current BMW 6 Series GT Face for Reference

Up front, the 6 Series GT will get new headlights and a new Kidney Grille. The headlights are a bit sleeker and sharper, with lighting elements similar to the upcoming 5 Series LCI facelift. So they’re now rectangular and more modern looking than before. As for its new grille, it will be sharper and more angular than before, similar to that of the new 8 Series.

Out back, it seems to be almost completely unchanged. The taillights look identical to the old ones and the rest of the rear is covered in camouflage, so we can’t tell if there are any differences. To be honest, the back end is the weakest part of its design but those that like it will be happy that it’s staying the same.

As I’ve said before, the 6 Series GT isn’t a car for me but it’s customers love it. Its new face should only make them love it more and it will also likely get the same new interior bits as the updated 5er. So it will be a better car for those that already like it. For those that don’t, this new facelift won’t change anything.

[Source: Motor1]