As with cars, electrification is spreading across the motorbike world as well. A pioneer in electric mobility, BMW is currently under the development phase for future, 100% electric frameless two-wheeler, inspired by the Vision DC Roadster concept bike. As shown by a set of patent drawings (which you can see here), BMW is allegedly working on a future series of electric bikes. The main feature of the new two-wheeler architecture is the absence of the physical frame. The new electric bike is completely frameless and composed out of sections, like the Vision DC Roadster.

The first part of the new motorbike is represented by the handle bar – suspension – front wheel unit. The front section is followed by the electric powertrain unit, which comprises the rechargeable battery and the electric powerplant. The two are positioned right beneath the biker’s seat and is shaped in the form of a cylinder, like on a conventional ICE-powered bike.

Last, but not least, the third section is composed of the rear wheel architecture, in which the drive shaft directly connects the wheel to the powering electric unit.

The advantage of the frameless electric motorbike is the freedom to explore a new and more daring design, as shown on the Vision DC Roadster concept, shown in June this year at the #NextGen event in Munich. As well, another key point of the naked bike architecture is the substantially lower kerb weight of the whole two-wheeler.

In addition, the frameless design of the future BMW electric motorbike will also benefit from a lightweight construction comprising carbon and aluminum, which will also help improve the range thanks to the lower weight.

BMW Motorrad is rumored to launch its electric two-wheeler before 2023.