Halloween might’ve passed but some monsters it brought out of the shadows are still among us. If you ask BMW, one of those monsters is the BMW M8, at least according to the latest video uploaded on the BMW M Youtube channel. In it we get to see a real monster out to play at night, probably hunting its unsuspecting rivals. Looking at the specs of the car, it’s easy to see why this would be true.

The BMW M8 can achieve a level of performance that doesn’t initially seem meant for the 8 Series. Just glance over its size specs and you’ll realize this is a rather big and heavy car. It’s nearly 5 meters long and 2 meters wide and that means it will easily occupy a lane on the road. It also tips the scale at just under 2 tons so it really isn’t that light on its feet. And yet, it is deceivingly fast, fooling many motorists on the highway.

Furthermore, while it does look aggressive, it’s understated, it has a sleeper look, if you will. Compared to the M Sport 8 Series, the differences are small and that, once again, could work for it in the chase for some rival blood. All those key elements considered, this could very well be considered a wolf in sheep’s clothing, if that sheep was ultra cool and wearing matte fur, with four tailpipes at the back.

All jokes aside, the BMW M8 will seriously do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and even less in Competition clothes. Independent measurements showed that it will even be faster than that and that it can very well put down more than the 600 HP claimed by BMW. Is that enough to turn it into a monster? I reckon it is. And the video does a good job a highlighting that special feeling, if you will. Check it out.