Canadian auto-parts maker Magna International said it would build dual-clutch and hybrid transmissions for BMW. The dual-clutch transmission will cater to front-wheel drive BMW models. “This new award is another result of Magna’s commitment to delivering high-quality, flexible and innovative transmissions,” said Tom Rucker, President of Magna Powertrain. “Our scalable dual-clutch transmissions enhance drivability while simultaneously providing optimal levels of efficiency, which makes our product a perfect match for BMW.”

Magna says the transmission technologies will be used in more than 170 different vehicle applications. The new hybrid solution by Magna is said to have no impact on the overall package size of the transmission, which provides manufacturing flexibility to BMW.

According to Magna, dual-clutch transmissions are about 5% more economical and in some driving cycles and vehicles even more than 20% compared to automatic transmissions use a traditional torque converter. The hybrid variants also use a compact, 48 volt high-RPM electric motor within the transmission housing that used to quickly propel the vehicle from a stop, further improving fuel efficiency. The transmissions will be built at Magna’s facilities in Neuenstein, Germany, and Kechnec, Slovakia.