Every year, the guys from MotorTrend run a competition aimed at finding the best driving cars in the world. This year, BMW is the only manufacturer with two cars in the top 10, quite an impressive achievement. The two model ranked this year were the BMW M2 Competition and the BMW M850i xDrive. While the BMW M2 Competition is the sweetheart of journalists, the appearance of the BMW M850i xDrive might be surprising.

The top of the range 8 Series has been received with mixed reviews, despite its stylish looks and sheer poweer.

As for the BMW M2 Competition, MotorTrend said “Frolicky, pointy, planted, and confident, this is the perfect first-timer’s track car. You can tailor throttle response, shift firmness, and steering feel. The Bimmer prefers fast sweepers to tight twisties, but it can live all day at the on-limit nirvana.”

When it comes to the BMW M850i xDrive, while a great overall car, there were a bit more issues with the big GT car than the small coupe: “The Bimmer delivers a great engine note, it drives small for a big car, and it has fantastic predictability around Laguna Seca. But its steering feel is distant and synthetic, the suspension sometimes struggles to keep pace with the engine’s performance, and the agility afforded by the rear-steer system makes the back end twitchy.”

If you also consider the Toyota Supra a BMW creation, that would make it 3 out of 12 for the Bavarian car maker. The Toyota Supra was, surprisingly, faster than the BMW M2 Competition around Laguna Seca, in the hands of Randy Pobst.

The results obtained by the two cars were impressive also because they had some serious competition. Other names on the list included the McLaren Senna, the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 and the new Porsche 911 Carrera S, which also proved to be the number one runner here. You can check out the overall rankings here.