The complete list of contenders for the European Car Of The Year (European COTY 2020) award has been recently announced. The Bavarian automaker completes with a forceful squad of four models: the new 1 Series, the new X6, the Z4 and the X7.

The voting process for the 2020 European COTY comprises of two stages. The first one will produce a short list of seven nominees which will be announced on November 25th, 2019. The second round will determine the winner of the award which is to be revealed on the eve of the Geneva Motor Show on March 2nd, 2020.

As you may guess, the deliberation period is pretty long enough to make a decision, so there could be a lot of surprises coming. The seven models that are to qualify for the shortlist next month could come from various and certainly the choices will be highly varied.

The BMW lineup of contenders for the European COTY 2020 trophy ensures a mix of unbeatable qualities and strengths and also provide diversity, as they are radically different between themselves.

BMW has often said that the 1 Series is the choice of young individuals who dare to make things their own way. The hatchback model combines a new exterior design with state-of-the-art digital equipment. And despite being driven by the front-wheels, it has good driving dynamics.

The Z4, on the other hand, is the sporty rebel of them all. The iconic roadster already in its third generation oozes dynamism from every angle you admire it from. Its main strong points are the classic RWD chassis, the characteristic BMW driving agility, the powerfully efficient engines and its styling identity.

The X6 has recently received its third generation which builds on the success of its predecessor. Its design is controversial, but that’s to be expected in this segment. The Sports Activity Coupe is no X5 derivative, as it thrives to showcase its very own, unique identity. The beefy looks of the X6 are combined with a great level of technology as to deliver a great impression both visually and when driven.

The X7 is the luxury SAV that was so long awaited by all BMW fans. Its sovereign design, which demands the utmost respect, and the premium customization features ensure an outstanding image for the high-riding vehicle. We could argue that never before has a BMW SAV looked so upscale and elegant.

With this lineup of candidates, BMW is in a privileged position to capture one of the 2020 European COTY awards, but we have to wait a bit longer for the final results.

[Source: European COTY]