BMW has been working on an LCI facelift for the new 5 Series for a little while now. We recently saw some spy photos of it and noticed that it had some enlarged grilles. However, its frontal enlargement isn’t the only change to the facelifted 5er. It’s been given some new interior bits as well, as evidenced by these new spy photos that show off its cabin sans camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but check them out here)

Seen in these photos is the interior of a BMW 5 Series Touring and the only real camouflage is to the Roundel on the steering wheel. Aside from that, this new car’s interior is free for us to see. And see it we shall.

Old 5 Series Gauges for Reference

Behind the steering wheel is the brand’s new digital instrument panel, which replaces the old gauges of the pre-LCI car. It’s a small change but it makes a big difference if I’m being honest. Having recently driven the BMW X3 M, I remembered what BMW gauges looked like before this new digital panel and they just look old fashioned. Now the 5 Series has some techno-whizbangery to compete with the likes of the new Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

It also gets the brand’s new iDrive system, which features the latest software and UI, making it more modern and easier to use. While the previous setup wasn’t bad at all, this new one is better and more high-tech. However, one frustrating bit is that BMW didn’t replace the old plastic-fantastic rotary dial with the new, and lovely, knurled one. The old one looks cheap by comparison and feels it, too. Same goes for the old shift lever. Why hasn’t BMW replaced the old, oddly shaped one with the new, much nicer looking one is beyond me. BMW did the same with the 7 Series and it’s mildly annoying but not a deal breaker.

Still, it’s nice to see the 5 Series getting its LCI soon, as it’s going to need it. A few other brands have developed newer competitors and the 5 Series has been getting a bit long in the tooth. Thankfully, we’ll see a slightly updated version soon.

[Source: Car Scoops]