For about four years now the guys from WardsAuto have been looking across the automotive segment to identify the best user experience. Over these last four years, BMW as a manufacturer, has claimed 10 wins and for 2019, it was the 330i that was ranked highest on the list.

According to WardsAuto, it was a host of good things that made the BMW 330i their pick for 2019. Starting with the exterior design and the tricks used by BMW to make it seem like a more expensive car than it really is (like the Light Carpet welcoming you to the car when you unlock it) to the interior and the materials used in there as well. Of course, they won’t be as good as on an 8 Series but for $59,920 (the price of their 330i tester) things look pretty good.

Then there’s the technology that welcomes you once inside. The clear, crisp graphics and the multitude of functions waiting in the cabin is just impressive. They mention the Live Cockpit Professional system as well as the new iDrive layout as good choices. Furthermore, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant worked better than expected in their tester while Gesture Control just piled up more praise on top of everything.

It was for those reasons that the BMW was crowned a winner this year. Admittedly, a lot of work has gone into making iDrive the success it is today. When it was originally launched, it was probably the least user-friendly choice out there but now, things have definitely turned around. With features such as the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which can work with other smart devices things are bound to become even better for the end user.