BMW won six out of 16 races in the DTM season so far this year. It’s a decent result yet lower than the team’s expectations. Speaking about the issues they had to face this season, BMW Motorsport Director, Jens Marquardt admitted the teams had some difficulties and that the management will take a closer look at what needs to be done so that fans will be more satisfied next season.

Heading into the last racing weekend of the current season, BMW’s chances at a title are non-existent. In the manufacturer’s championship, Audi claimed the number one spot with three rounds to go while in the driver’s standings, Rene Rast set things straight in the penultimate stage. At the moment, Marco Wittmann can still get the second place in the driver’s championship but a lot hangs on how he’ll perform on the Hockeinheim this weekend.

“Of course we are not happy with where we find ourselves after 16 DTM races. We started the season well, but, for various reasons, we have run out of steam a little since the middle of the season. This is not what we demand of ourselves. We want to be challenging for the title right down to the final round of a championship. The fact that we have not managed that this season is a disappointment for everyone. At the same time, we will use that disappointment to spur us on and motivate us for next season. We must, and will, improve next season, so that we have a say in who wins the title,” said Marquardt in a recent interview.

He also pointed out that the next season might see a different driver and team roster. He wouldn’t go into details, claiming that an analysis is bound to take place, but he did say there will probably be a minimum of six cars entering next season:

“We are planning on at least six BMW cars for next year’s DTM. Whether there will be a private BMW team remains to be seen.”

Things are bound to get a bit different next time round and, hopefully, that will lead to more points and titles, of course.