After seeing the BMW Concept 4, many fans were left wondering what it might look like with more appropriate Kidney Grilles. Rather than the monstrous ones on the concept, fans wanted grilles more normal sized. This new render grants them that wish by fitting the Concept 4 with the same grilles as the BMW 8 Series.

If I’m being honest, it looks much better in this render than it does in reality. The real grilles on the concept car are just a bit too absurd and detract from the rest of the car, which looks quite good. However, seeing more normal-sized grilles (calling the 8er’s grilles normal shows how far down the rabbit hole we’ve all gone) on the Concept 4 make it look much more handsome.

What’s interesting is that the current 8 Series’ grilles are downright massive by traditional BMW standards. But compared to the Concept 4’s, they’re tiny. Still, the new concept looks better with the smaller set.

[twenty20 img1=”352143″ img2=”351696″ offset=”0.5″]

That being said, don’t get too excited about this newly rendered design because it’s just that — a render. The actual production car is going to look a lot more like the real concept than anything else, from what we’re told by our sources at BMW. Personally, that was hard to believe at first, because I just couldn’t imagine BMW rolling with such an obnoxiously large grille design into production. I’ve been told that it’s true, though. So expect to see the actual 4 Series with a very interesting new face.

News of the Concept 4’s grille being closer to production than we originally thought makes the news of this render even worse because the car looks good with a normal grille design. It allows the rest of the car’s beauty to shine more, as it doesn’t have two massive black eggs on its face.

[Image:  Bartosz Kazmierczak]