For MINI, the entire year of 2019 was about its 60th anniversary. The original bundle of joy created by Sir Alec Issigonis was launched on August 26 so it was actually on Monday when the British brand turned 60. Even so, we enjoyed the festivities stretched across all of 2019 and the party will still be going as we enter the last quarter. MINI just announced that its anniversary will play an important role in its stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show, next month.

Of course, the highlight of the British brand’s stand will be the electric MINI Cooper SE, a car that is shaping up as a savior right now. That’s because there are already 45,000 orders posted for it, according to various reports. That’s a huge number and a great bit of news for the brand altogether as sales have been struggling recently. Chances are, with the launch of the brand’s first ever purely electric model, things could turn around.

The biggest question that remains unanswered about the MINI Cooper SE is the estimated range. We know the car will be borrowing the electric motor and batteries from the BMW i3 (the 120Ah version) but whether it will also have the same range, remains to be seen. At the same time, the first ever electrified model from MINI will be sharing the stage with the Cooper SE. The MINI Countryman Cooper S E will be on display, bring its new battery pack with it too, featuring a 30 percent increase in electric range.

New MINI Cooper SE Electric: First Look, First Ride and Pricing

The 60th anniversary of the brand will be marked with a MINI 3-Door hatch 60 Years Edition which comes with exclusive design and equipment features. Whether you’ll be interested in this special edition or want to check out the new electric Mini, you might want to stop by Hall 11 between September 12 and 22.