David Hasselhoff has been out of the limelight for some time now. The actor did some cameos on various shows and movies, but he is now mostly private, leaving the business side of things behind. However, he did have a number of iconic roles throughout his career, roles that turned him into a Hollywood star. This summer you’ll be seeing him once again, as the Hoff is currently promoting the BMW Summer Sales event on a variety of social media platforms.

In the clip below you’ll get to see him reference two of his most important roles. First off, the clip shows him running on a treadmill and casually noticing a calendar on the wall. The calendar has a BMW 3 Series on it and a sign that says ‘Summer’, confirming that it is, indeed, summer outside. This brief moment apparently triggers a reaction in our hero here and he decides to put on a pair of sunglasses (even though he is inside) and go all Baywatch on us, running outside in slow motion.

Once in front of the house, there’s a triad of BMW cars waiting for him and he chooses the brand new 3 Series as his companion for the day. This is where his second iconic character is triggered, as he uses the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant as if he was KITT. Remember KITT? That was the super high-tech sidekick he had on Knight Rider, in the shape of a Pontiac Trans-Am. The character the Hoff played back then was named Michael Knight.

That’s why the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant replies to his input with “Routing you to the beach, Mr. Hasselhoff… or would you prefer I call you Michael?” It’s a nice touch, to be honest, and I love seeing actors make fun of their old characters from time to time. This is a promo for BMW’s Summer Sales event, where customers can get up to $4,500 off their BMWs.