BMW hasn’t been shy when it comes to showing off its iNEXT SUV. After the Concept debuted, the Bavarians released some official photos of the BMW iNEXT, i4 and iX3 doing some camouflaged testing in the snow together. Now, some unofficial spy photos have surfaced, showing off the upcoming iNEXT in near-production-ready form, albeit still in camo, on a car carrier. (We don’t own these photos but you can see them here)

Seen here in these photos, the BMW iNEXT is starting to look more like a proper SUV and not some oddball concept. Though, up front, it isn’t looking much like a BMW. Its Kidney Grilles are barely visible, if at all, and its headlights are very high and slim. In fact, its headlights actually remind me of modern Land Rover/Rang Rover products. As for the Kidneys, it likely doesn’t have functional grilles, being an EV and all. Out back, its entire rear end is covered in heavy camo and its taillights aren’t visible through it at all.

Still, there are a few details we can see. For instance, the BMW iNEXT still gets BMW’s famous Hofmeister Kink — and it’s actually very traditional looking — as well as a sporty roof spoiler. It also has a very short front overhang, which might indicate its rear-drive nature.

Most interestingly, we can see some of its interior uncovered. The main takeaway is obviously the steering wheel, which BMW has actually already officially teased. But we can see the new polygonal steering wheel in the real world and it seems like a funky version of the BMW i3’s two-spoke wheel. We can also see its horizontal air vents, which are similar to other modern Bimmers but not identical. The iDrive rotary dial is also slightly visible and it looks rather large and a bit more premium that what’s currently on offer from BMW.

The BMW iNEXT Concept wasn’t met with a ton of praise from car enthusiasts but these new photos show off a car that looks far more normal than the strange concept car.

[Source: Car Scoops]