In today’s world, some choices made by car makers might make you wonder whether sanity has left the room. Or the country. Or the entire planet. It’s hard to grasp the logic behind some decisions at times, but the truth of the matter is, business is business and, in the end, companies like BMW have to make a profit. That’s how a brand known for its compact coupe models is now making 7-seaters. And that’s also how we might end up looking at a BMW X7 M model even though nobody thought it would be possible.

Relax, nobody actually said that’s going to be a thing but in a recent interview with Auto Express, BMW M Product Boss, Carsten Pries, said an M model of the size of the X7 makes more sense in today’s automotive world than an M version of the brand new 1 Series. “If you look at the relevance of performance hatchbacks, they are not global things. If you put something like an ‘M1’ on top of it, working title of course, you would have to increase the price again because you put more substance into it. But whether this would then be a smart business proposition is not something I would answer with an immediate yes,” Pries said.

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He’s right, of course. That would be a troublesome proposition, especially since the 1 Series range moved to a FWD platform. However, when it comes to the other end of the spectrum, it’s only a matter of perspective as to whether the full-on M treatment should be applied. According to Auto Express, Pries hinted at the fact that the X7 is not excluded from getting an M variant. Speaking on the topic, the M Product boss is quoted as saying: “We had a customer from the US I had lunch with recently, and I asked him ‘to your eyes, what is the size of the X7?’ For us it is huge in Europe. He said ‘it’s normal’. That shows you it is always dependent on the perspective that you look at things from.”

The development of a car like an X7 M would also be a lot more profitable. Higher price tags allow car makers to have better margins in the end and an X7 M could easily start at over $100,000, considering the current xDrive50i model kicks off at $92,700. For now, though, according to one of our earlier reports, even though it was considered, plans for an M version are now scrapped.

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