Over the past few years, BMW has released quite a few ‘Vision’ concepts. These vision concepts are designed to show us the future of BMW design and technology. For instance, the upcoming BMW Vision iNEXT is designed to represent the future of autonomy and electro-mobility. This time, though, is different. Today, the BMW Vision M NEXT shows off how technology can be used for the advancement of speed.

According to BMW, this new age of advanced automotive tech can be harnessed to increase driving pleasure. Not only that, but BMW feels advanced tech can actually improve the driver’s abilities, turning them into “the ultimate driver.”

To tease the BMW Vision M NEXT, the Bavarians employed artist Thomas Demand to create a few photos of this upcoming concept. However, what he did was a bit different than just taking photos of the car.

“Like most artists, I’m fascinated by things we haven’t seen before, images still to be discovered. So I was delighted to accept the invitation of Adrian van Hooydonk and his team. I think the way I look at photography puts me in a good place to bring out essential, abstract elements. The M NEXT study is a highly complex vehicle whose radical design extends beyond the job description of an everyday model. A concept like this represents a very interesting opportunity for me to transport these ideas and future forms into the public consciousness.” Thomas Demand.

Demand chose some of the finer details of the BMW Vision M NEXT concept and created paper and cardboard models based on them. Those were the subjects of his photographs and show off the colors and visual forms of the actual concept car itself.

“When we reveal a new vehicle, there are myriad overall views at play. This time we’re taking a new approach and presenting a selection of artworks ahead of the car’s unveiling. The photos are fascinating and tell their own story. They are very close to the BMW Vision Vehicle and yet completely abstract, pure art. They will only become tangible when you set eyes on the Vision Vehicle itself.” Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design

We don’t know what this BMW Vision M NEXT Concept will be but we won’t have to wait too long to find out. BMW will be revealing this new concept car the week of June 25. So in less than two weeks, we’ll know what the future of the M Division holds.