This new BMW Z4 M40i has already proved to be an impressive sports car. It’s faster than most of its competition and can take on cars that are even more expensive. Hell, it even lapped the Nurburgring faster than the beloved BMW M2. But lap times and power figures are only a small part of what a sporty roadster is supposed to be about.

A sporty roadster is supposed to be fun on a windy road and its styling supposed to fit into beautiful scenery. So Carfection decided to take a BMW Z4 M40i to a shockingly beautiful road in Spain. Not only was the scenery beautiful but the road they were on is possibly one of the best in the world.

So how did Carfection’s Henry Catchpole like the Z4 M40i? Well, there’s a lot to like about it but he’s not so sure he loves it. There are a lot of things he liked, though. For starters, the engine. The Z4 M40i packs a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 (codenamed B58), which makes 335 hp and 369 lb-ft in Europe. In North America, that same engine makes 382 hp, so take that, Europe. Still, even in its less powerful configuration, it’s very fast and it makes a good noise.

The BMW Z4 M40i also has a ton of grip and sharp steering. So it’s surprisingly agile, more so than you might expect from a floppy soft-top convertible. Speaking of floppy, often times convertibles have a problem with rigidity, or lack thereof. Not so with the M40i, though, which has virtually no cowl shake or unnecessary vibration over bumps. Often times, when automakers try and compensate for a convertible’s inherent lack of structural rigidity, they become too stiff to drive. Not so with the Z4, which actually rides really nicely.

It all sounds great, except for the fact that it isn’t necessarily a thrilling car to drive, according to Catchpole. While it’s good to drive, with a great engine, sharp responses and a ton of grip, it’s not as engaging as, say, a Porsche Boxster. Then again, nothing really is.

We haven’t had a road test of the BMW Z4 yet, as we’ve only driven it briefly on press launches. Though, from our short time with it, we can understand Catchpole’s point. We’ll be testing one at home soon enough and then we’ll be able to determine whether or not we agree.