BMW announced just a couple of weeks ago that its first over the air (OTA) updates for the latest iDrive system are on their way. This marks a first for the Bavarian manufacturer, even though talk about such possibilities has been going around for quite some time. However, while BMW did say a couple of things about what to expect, we didn’t get to see what new functions are to be made available so far.

The video below shines some light on the matter though. It was recorded by Jay Pichardo, an employee at a BMW Dealership and he had the brilliant idea of posting it on Youtube to show us what’s new on iDrive 7.

According to the footage, there are three new functions now available in the iDrive menu. The first one is called ‘Caring Car’ and basically allows the vehicle to help you either revitalize or relax. In it you get two choices: Vitalize and Chill. Vitalize will open the windows, the sunroof (if you have one), raise the music volume and lower the AC temperature to get you hyped again. The way I see it, it’s meant to keep you going if you get tired on a long stretch. Relax mode will basically be the opposite.

The second function is found in the ‘Experience Modes’ submenu. This allows you to set up different driving modes according to your preference. You set a certain combination of ambient lighting, temperature, seat heating, sun protection and seat massage to get the most out of your car by the touch of a single button. Depending on how you configure the different modes, you can set up the entire car in on flick of a switch. Last but not least, the Climate Control Rules allows you to set a certain temperature for the car’s interior depending on the temperature. For example, if the temperature inside, is over or under a certain threshold, the car will automatically activate seat ventilation or seat heating, depending on your preference.