The investment arm of BMW announced today the backing of in Palo Alto-based Yellowbrick, the technological leader in big data warehouse solutions that helps businesses derive value from large data sets in real-time.  Yellowbrick’s performance is based on an integrated full-stack system of hardware and software including their own database and file storage system.


“We see data and analytics as one of the key building blocks for enhanced customer experiences across all industries going forward and Yellowbrick is well positioned to serve this market,” said Kasper Sage, Partner, BMW i Ventures. “In particular, the ability to combine both real-time and historical data presents unique opportunities for insights that could support the future development of autonomous driving technologies and better inform IoT sensor data.”

A recent IBM study found that 90% of all data has been created in the last two years.  Yellowbrick is designed to help companies find new ways to store, analyze and harness massive amounts of data on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of both, so that they can convert pieces of information into powerful insights to inform mission critical real-time decisions.

The new funding will fuel expansion, and drive growth internationally and into new business verticals.