It’s a known fact that owners of Rolls-Royce motor cars have an affinity for the best there is out there. Studies found that the average garage of a Rolls-Royce Phantom owner includes some 17 cars and that he or she usually spends a lot of time aboard a yacht that’s probably bigger than your house. This sort of people enjoy the finer things in life and that includes champagne. To cater to their needs, Rolls-Royce has created the ultimate Champagne Chest that’s basically a work of art.

I never knew there was even such a thing up until today but it looks like drinking champagne is not an experience to be underestimated or overlooked. Created by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Collective, the chest is ‘intended to delight, suitable for the most extravagant of environments from a superyacht to the terrace of a private residence.’ You can immediately tell this is a Rolls-Royce creation due to the attention to detail and remarkable hand-craftsmanship.

The chassis is made of machined aluminum and carbon fiber. Natural Grain black leather covers nearly all the rest of the chest and has the Spirit of Ecstasy embroidered on the sides. Tudor Oak wood completes the list of materials used. At the touch of a button the case opens to reveal the champagne set for four guests. The exterior lid metamorphoses into a serving tray made of Tudor Oak wood with a laser-cut stainless steel inlay. Four cotton napkins with embroidered ‘RR’ monograms are hidden under the lacquered Tudor Oak table.

The Chest is illuminated from the central bay, presenting four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes arranged to evoke a V12 engine. The glass of each is joined by a polished aluminum base, etched with the ‘RR’ monogram. The sides of the Chest automatically deploy, revealing two hammocks adorned in ‘Hotspur Red’ Rolls-Royce leather to cradle one’s preferred ensemble of either champagne, caviar or canapés. Thermal Champagne Coolers made from black anodized aluminum and carbon fiber each bear the ‘RR’ emblem.

“The Champagne Chest by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a contemporary and sociable addition to the Accessories Collection. The approach is that of designing a Rolls-Royce motor car; the finest materials are married with pinnacle engineering to provide an experience like no other. The Champagne Chest is crafted for those that seek a heightened sense of occasion in an elegant, entertaining manner and offers the irresistible allure of gadgetry.” Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.