Test mules of the BMW X6 have been spotted quite a lot as of late. It seems as if BMW is doing a lot of testing on its upcoming “SAC” (Sports Activity Coupe) and that could mean it’s official reveal is near. Until that reveal, though, these spy photos are all we have and these new ones show off the car’s new interior. (We don’t own the photos but they can be seen here)

In these new spy photos, we can very clearly see the interior of the new BMW X6. Sure, it’s partially covered in camouflage but we don’t need it to be uncovered to get the gist of it. Predictably, it’s almost identical to that of the BMW X5. That’s not a surprise, considering the fact that both cars are essentially the same under the skin.

Despite it not being much of a surprise, it’s still a very good looking interior. We like it quite a bit in the X5, so we’re going to like it in the BMW X6 as well. Materials and fit and finish will also be top-notch, as they are in the X5, so it will be just as luxurious as its more traditional sibling.

We do get to see some of the exterior in these photos and it’s interesting because we can see it next to a current BMW X6 M. Next to its predecessor, the newer car seems lower, wider and more athletic, which is surprising because the camouflaged car isn’t even an M model. But its lower, more tapered roofline and wider stance make it seem sportier than the outgoing X6.

When we finally see the car without camouflage, we expect it will look better than the old car, thanks to that sportier stance and its smoother lines and looks.

[Source: Car Scoops]