We’ve already seen the monster F90 BMW M5 that Evolve Automotive has built. With some tuning, they were able to get their M5 up to a simply staggering 743 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque. It’s an immense amount of power in a car that was already frighteningly fast. However, aside from its power, the car was relatively stock. At least in terms of the way it looked, anyway. So the folks at Evolve decided to give it a bit of a visual upgrade by adding new wheels, some carbon fiber aero and new paddle shifters for the steering wheel.

For the carbon bits, they added a new RKP front lip and RKP rear spoiler. As Imran points out, the F90 BMW M5 has a bit of an odd front bumper that can be hard to match an aftermarket front lip to. However, the people at RKP in Detroit (go ‘Merica) have been able to do so. The new front lip follows the lines of the stock car’s bumper really well and looks very good. At the back, the new carbon fiber rear spoiler adds some sportiness to a relatively bland looking rear end. It also works with Evolve’s car’s new carbon rear diffuser.

As for the wheels, Imran went with the same 6Sixty wheel design as he did on Evolve’s Project Vyper F80 M3 except in a brushed silver finish. He, along with many enthusiasts, is sick of black wheels, so he went with silver. It looks interesting on a grey car and we’d likely have gone darker ourselves but it does look better than black, which is getting old. Those new wheels also reduce weight by about 3-4 kg per corner, so they help in reducing unsprung rotational mass as well.

Inside, they also fitted some new 3D Design paddle shifters to the steering wheel to make shifting a bit more fun. Personally, I’ve never seen paddles replaced before so seeing how the little mechanism opens up and works was quite interesting. Check it out.