The rivalry between the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG entered a new phase last year, when the latest iteration of the former was launched. BMW took us all by surprise though by releasing the M5 Competition not far off from the standard model. Usually, BMW took about a year to launch the Competition version of a standard model but not anymore. As a matter of fact, the X3 M and its X4 M brother got a simultaneous launch along with their Competition alternatives just earlier this year, marking a departure from the old way.

And that’s where the M5 Competition comes in. Even though other M5 models got the ‘Competition Package’ in the past, none felt as different to their ‘regular’ models as the F90 does. Reviews are raving about how good the Competition model and BMW fans around the world have been waiting for an M5 with more than 600 HP for a while now to take on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. The AMG camp now also has two different versions of the same car and the S alternative is the one to have by all accounts.

When the F90 M5 first came out, since everyone was getting the E63 S, it was thrown into battle against its more powerful rival. On some occasions, it still proved to be faster, while other claimed it was slower. The Competition though, set the record straight once and for all. That said, the drag race the people from CarWow did between the two was posted online quite a while back. Today though we’re looking at it again, in this nice 360-degree video.

It’s interesting to note that the standing start favored the BMW for some reason. Both cars come with all-wheel drive but the E63 S has a bit less horsepower. On the other hand, the Merc has considerably more torque, which could’ve helped here. In the rolling race, the E63 wins it though, in a more convincing manner. In both cases though, I think it may all be down to reaction time as these things are both incredibly close in terms of performance.