With the introduction of all-wheel drive to the F90 M5, the legendary model became a true drag strip monster. It’s still a heavy sedan and not exactly the perfect recipe for destroying 1/4 mile times and yet, considering the comfort and space it brings to the table, the M5 is an incredible machine. Chip in some tuning to squeeze out more power out of the 4.4-liter V8 under the hood and things get eye-watering fast, quick.

The video below shows the F90 M5 drag racing some rather stiff competition at an event held by the guys from DragtimesInfo. The main attraction here has been tuned from 600 HP to 760 HP thanks to an upgrade installed by the guys from Ramon Performance. There’s no mention as to what exactly they did to the car other than it’s a Stage 2 kit, which implies some hardware changes as well next to software enhancement.

The competition is rather stiff though. Things kick off with a drag race against a stock M5, just to see how big the difference is. Then, it’s time to go up against a Lamborghini Huracan claiming 1,000 HP. That’s a huge upgrade compared to the 600 HP the Lambo makes as stock. It also implies that it received some sort of forced induction upgrade, even though we don’t have the specifics. Even though the Huracan starts off slower, thanks to the drastic power and weight difference it makes up for it.

The M5 does make up for it though in the next race against a 700 HP AMG GT S. It’s here where the advantage of all-wheel drive shows perfectly, as the two cars should’ve been a lot closer by the time they reach the finish line. The final race is against a 700 HP M5 and things are closer than in any other race. Check it out.