We’ve been talking a lot about the BMW 8 Series lately and how it’s more of a sporty GT car than an all-out sports car. Rather than being a scalpel-sharp canyon carver, the 8er is designed to much hundreds of miles in speed, comfort and style. In this new video from Joe Achilles, we see just how good it is as its job.

Achilles recently took a BMW 8 Series, more specifically an 840d, from England to Geneva, for the Motor Show. It was about a 700 mile journey, which is quite the distance to travel in one shot. Thankfully for him, the 8 Series is a great companion. In fact, the BMW 840d could even be the better 8er of the two for such a trip.

Rather than use a big, gas-guzzling V8 for such a long trip, the efficient and torquey diesel version is likely to be the better choice. Plus, it’s more than fast enough, thanks to its 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 diesel engine making a healthy 316 bhp.

Throughout the entire trip, the 8 Series proved to be a fantastic companion. With a comfortable ride, quiet cabin and great seats, hundreds of miles and hours of driving are done without any fatigue. Also, thanks to its autonomous driver aids, it can ease the burden of driving in traffic on congested motorways. So while stuck in traffic, just flip the systems on and let the 8er drive itself through the boring, stressful parts of the trip.

While we always knew the 8 Series would make a great road-trip partner, this video really drives the message home. In fact, there are few cars we’d rather do long road trips in and the only ones we’d prefer over the 8 Series cost quite a lot more. So, as a sporty GT car, the 8er is hard to beat.