Forget Tesla’s semi-truck or pickup truck, you know what’s really going to get EV fans’ blood pumping? An all-electric van. Or at least that’s what Mercedes thinks, anyway. So rather than come into the 2019 Geneva Motor Show with a sleek, sexy electric car, the folks in Stuttgart brought the Mercedes-Benz EQV, the world’s first battery-electric people mover.

“Mercedes-Benz Vans is consistently advancing the electrification of its product portfolio. With the Concept EQV, we are now taking the next step. The concept offers all of the brand-typical attributes from this segment that Mercedes-Benz customers have come to know, appreciate and accept. From a daily driver for the family, a leisure-time adventurer or a shuttle vehicle with lounge ambiance, the combination of these characteristics with a battery-electric drive mean the Concept EQV is a concept car with a future. We are particularly excited that we will soon be able to offer a series-production model on the basis of this concept,” explains Wilfried Porth, Member of the Daimler AG Board of Management for Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations, Mercedes-Benz Vans.

With a battery capacity of 100 kWh, the Mercedes-Benz EQV boasts a total max range of 249 miles. In terms of charging, the EQV is capable of regaining 62 miles in just fifteen minutes. While that’s not anywhere near market-leading, it’s enough to be useful in a pinch. At the front axle, an electric drivetrain makes 201 hp and gives the Mercedes-Benz EQV a top speed of 99 mph.

Being a very tall, boxy van, it can accommodate a lot of people and a lot of stuff. Interior space is excellent and the cabin looks very comfortable. While a van isn’t the sexiest thing to drive, it has to be nice to travel in. The interior design isn’t too different from what you’ll find in most modern Mercedes’ but that’s not a bad thing. It looks luxurious, high-quality and about as stylish as a van’s interior is going to get. So the kids are going to be very happy back there. We can also see it becoming a popular party van.


Having said that, with a van full of people and luggage, we wonder how much its maximum range is effected. Especially with just one electric motor and 201 hp. That’s a lot of vehicle you’re asking one small motor to move.

While the Mercedes-Benz EQV isn’t the most exciting electric car to debut in Geneva, it’s one that actually needs to be made. More ordinary vehicle types becoming electric is something that’s going to bring the technology to the mainstream.