Talk about an enhanced version of the BMW M2 has been going around ever since the original came out. And I’m not necessarily referring to the M2 Competition here but a different car, one that’s even more track-focused. The name is yet to be revealed by BMW but sources are adamant on either BMW M2 CS or CSL, which would make sense and fit in the current BMW M naming scheme that sets cars apart with different combinations of letters stuck on the boot.

The BMW M2 CS is going to be an enhanced version build atop the Competition model. The car is no longer a rumor but has been spotted a number of times out testing, most recently this week, close to the Arctic Circle (you can see the shots here). From the looks of things, the same recipe as on the M4 CS will be applied, with small incremental upgrades creating a borderline track car that’s also road-legal.

The front end will get new aero, most likely in the shape of a carbon fiber lip attached to the front bumper. Round the back the same material will be used for a boot lid spoiler, both elements being visible on the car in camo. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, you may say, but the dead giveaway here are the brakes. The BMW M2 even in Competition guise and even if you go through the M Performance catalogue doesn’t come with Carbon Ceramic Brakes and yet, if you check the color of the calipers on the prototype here, you might notice they are golden.

Other changes could include a carbon fiber roof, a new bonnet and some lightweight saving measures taken inside. As for the engine, chances are it will get a bump in power. It’s not like the S55 can’t develop more than what the Competition M2 offers (405 HP) but the question is how much more the M engineers will decide is OK. Unfortunately, no exact figure is available right now but we could expect something in the vicinity of 420 HP once the car comes out.

[Source: Motor1]