The BMW M5 has always been the supercar you buy if you have a family and want to use it as a daily. It’s always been extremely fast, capable and fun to drive but also livable, comfortable and as practical as any other luxury sedan. That’s never been more true with this new F90-gen car. If I had six-figures to spend on just one car, there wouldn’t be hesitation — BMW M5. So it’s interesting to hear what it’s actually like to own and live with for long periods of time, which is just what Top Gear did.

Over the course of eight months, the F90 BMW M5 has been in the TG fleet, tasked with a variety of different jobs. It’s been a test car, a track car, a daily driver and even a camera car. And it’s been exceptional at every task it’s been given thus far. Not only that but, more importantly, it’s a damn riot to drive.

With a stonking 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 under hood making 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, it’s impossible to not want to drive fast. And fast it can drive. After some testing, TG record an average 0-60 mph time, in two directions, of 2.99 seconds. That’s faster than every sedan on the planet, with the exception of the Tesla Model S P100D. Though, the M5 is far more fun to drive and can do those sprints more often and repeatedly.

It’s also fun to drive. With great steering, fantastic body control and surprising agility, the BMW M5 is a far better dance partner than any two-ton luxury sedan has the right to be. Of course, it won’t be quite as engaging as something like an M2 Competition or Porsche Cayman but it’s also a helluva lot faster than those cars, far more luxurious, can fit fight people and it has a bigger trunk. So as a do-it-all, everyday supercar, there may not be anything better on the road.

[Source: Top Gear]