Motor Trend takes a BMW X3 M40i into long-term fleet

BMW X3, News | January 3rd, 2019 by 40
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One of my absolute favorite cars on the road right now is the BMW X3 M40i. For my personal lifestyle, the X3 M40i is the …

One of my absolute favorite cars on the road right now is the BMW X3 M40i. For my personal lifestyle, the X3 M40i is the near-perfect machine (a 3 Series wagon would be absolutely perfect). With a small family of my own, having the space to fit a child seat w/child, dog, baby jogger, diaper bag and all of the rest of the seemingly endless gear they require is massively helpful. But to have that space in a car that’s fast, fun to drive and luxurious? Perfection. Which is why I’m personally incredibly jealous that Motor Trend will be getting the Hot X3 as part of their long-term test fleet.

Not only did MT get one of my favorite cars currently on sale but it’s in my perfect color combo; Phytonic Blue with black interior. What a car.

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Under the hood of that metallic blue family hauler is a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 engine, dubbed B58 internally. That B58 mill makes a very healthy 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. But, more importantly than that, it sounds and feels like a proper BMW I6. It’s growly and metallic sounding, while also being turbine smooth. Oh, and the shove. How could I forget the shove. The BMW X3 M40i is feels faster than its numbers suggest.

But more importantly that even all of that, the X3 M40i feels like a proper BMW. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven it but I still remember the feeling of shock when I first turned the wheel. “This feels like an old-school BMW”, I thought. It’s remarkable that a tall-riding X3 feels more like the BMWs we remember so fondly; cars like the E46 and E39; than the F30 3 Series or even F32 4 Series.

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The BMW X3 M40i is a fantastic driving machine and one that blends performance, fun, comfort and practicality into one good looking and usable package. Of all the cars on the market to choose from, if I could, the X3 M40i might be my choice. So damn you, Motor Trend. Damn you.

[Source: Motor Trend]

40 responses to “Motor Trend takes a BMW X3 M40i into long-term fleet”

  1. Justin says:

    It actually makes 355 hp

  2. Michael Aschoff says:

    My Volvo XC60 T8 puts this thing to shame … 400 HP, 472 lbs-ft of torque and way more space; the X3 seats do not compare and neither does their infotainment system. The T8 can tow 5,000 lbs and doesn’t have those stupid nostrils. And it’s a plug-in hybrid, so my wife no longer pays for gas on her commute.

  3. Bellisarius says:

    driven this car, with m performance brakes and mppk it is a stunner SUV outdone only by porsche. but much pricier is that porsche.

  4. Donald Dong says:

    This X3 is great,,I dunno why someone will throw a Volvo in the mix and use colourful languages as “put this to shame”. First, that’s a hybrid, then it’s a 4 cylinder. Volvo is not known to be smoothie, and it’s turbo lag is quite noticeable, so if it’s a bit rough, it should be sporty. Well this Volvo is not even sporty, so what it is? It’s probably a spec machine, but driver wants a complete package, the X3 is still way more complete.

  5. Donald Dong says:

    Ever since people are allowing to express their opinions, many couldn’t resist expressing their thoughts that has either nothing to do with the subject, or they deliberately make a case that seems to make sense, only if the comparison is equivalent, but in actual reality, it’s Apples vs Oranges. I couldn’t believe the Volvo supporter has to go all out here. I will instead ask him to take a detailed look on the X3, and take a 10 minutes drive. I am sure he will appreciate the smooth delivery power of BMW Inline 6, he will probably appreciate the fit and finish, along with the right balance of ride comfort and handling, even the control layout, and the placements of all switches have been well thought out. That’s why the X3 has received many favourable reviews, BMW did an excellent job in product execution and the X3 is one of many.

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