VIDEO: Take a POV ride in the BMW M2 Competition

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Right now, the BMW M2 Competition is the hot car in the Bavarian lineup. For awhile, the standard M2 was the car that all BMW …

Right now, the BMW M2 Competition is the hot car in the Bavarian lineup. For awhile, the standard M2 was the car that all BMW fans desired. It was the it car for BMW fans. So naturally, the upgraded, more powerful and more exciting BMW M2 Competition is going to become the new it car for the brand. For those of you that want to drive an M2 Competition but can’t this new video from AutoTopNL might help.

In their usual style, they give us a POV driving video for the new M2 Competition, to show us at least what it looks and sounds like to actually drive it.

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The car in question is almost the perfect spec; Alpine White with black interior. Where it fails to be perfect is in its transmission, as it has the seven-speed dual-clutch, rather than the six-speed manual. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the DCT, as it’s a brilliant gearbox. But in something as simple and straightforward as the M2 Competition is, the six-speed manual is a bit better.

Still, it’s very cool to see what it’s like to actually sit behind the wheel and flog one of BMW’s best driving cars. It also sounds pretty good. It’s still a bit of the generic-six-cylinder-engine noise that you get in the M3 but it’s exciting enough.

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It’s quick, too. We see it get to 270 km/h (167 mph) on the Autobahn, which isn’t too shabby for such a little car. Though, I must admit I expect it to do that with a bit more ease. It’s likely electronically-limited to about 175 mph but with 405 hp on tap, I figured it would get there a bit quicker. We must remember, though, that the M2 Competition isn’t exactly a lightweight. It’s actually heavier than the standard car it replaces.

Despite that lack of top-end punch, we still love the M2 Competition. It’s better to drive than the standard M2, it looks better and it’s faster. So check out what it’s like to drive in this new video.

2 responses to “VIDEO: Take a POV ride in the BMW M2 Competition”

  1. maxnix says:

    DCT = faster car, and on my opinion, more fun to drive. I love MT, but the dual clutch is just plain better. The best thing is it affords the driver a choice between the best automatic or the best manual gear selection.

    The sad truth is, people are just not that good in gear selection and clutch engagement. Neither were they when engine timing was manually controlled. Live and learn, or perish.

    • expat says:

      The sad truth is, that 1) people are lazy and 2) the car manufactures stopped developing M/T in order to make it more user friendly. Technology is available, but there wasn´t enough iniciative to utilize it. Pity!

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