Typically, Rolls Royce is a brand whose cars are typically designed with class, sophistication and just a whiff of snobbery. There’s not a lot of bling to a Rolls Royce but its imposing size, massive grille and flying lady on the hood all combine to let everyone know that it’s better than the car you drive. Still, it does so in an understated way. This Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Trichromatic is a good example of that.

Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors, which is known for its outlandish exotics and high-end luxury cars, this Rolls Royce Dawn is a good example of heavy customization being a bit understated. Admittedly, it’s not understated for a Rolls but it’s understated for a customized one being sold by Abu Dhabi Motors. Still, it’s actually an interesting Dawn because of its customization. I’ll explain.

Its exterior paint is actually two different shades of white, one gloss and one matte. The body is painted in normal Arctic White but the hood wears Matte Arctic White, so it gives it an interesting effect. At first it looks as if it’s just one color. But look closer and there’s a subtle contrast that’s actually quite nice. It gets its “Trichromatic” name for having a light blue pinstripe down its shoulder line and the blue soft-top roof, so it technically has three colors on its exterior.

One the inside, it’s a bit more dramatic. With a bright blue/black interior color scheme with red accents, it’s certainly flashy. However, it’s not too much and adds just that whiff of snobbery that a Rolls Royce needs. Although, it has carbon fiber trim and, personally, I don’t feel that carbon fiber belongs in the cabin of any Rolls Royce, no matter the sort. A Rolls cabin should be limited to three materials: leather, wood and metal. That’s it.

Still, this is one of the more interesting Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badges we’ve seen and it works mostly thanks to the clever paint scheme of matte white on white.