Maybe we became complacent, maybe we were spoiled. For the past three generations of BMW 3 Series, we actually had wagon variants in America. The E46, E91 and F31 3 Series wagons were all offered in the US market and they were cars that enthusiasts loved. No more, though, as we’ve recently learned BMW will be killing off the 3 Series wagon (dubbed Sports Wagon for the F31-generation in US) for the new G20-generation 3er.

According to a BMW spokesperson,who recently spoke to CarBuzz, “BMW of North America has no plans to bring the next generation 3 Series Sports Wagon to the US market.”


Re-reading that opened the wound again. Honestly, it makes business sense for BMW to the kibosh on the 3 Series Sports Wagon. With customers leaning more toward SUVs and four-door coupes, especially in the ‘States, it doesn’t make much sense to sell a wagon variant, as it likely won’t sell well. Still, it’s upsetting to learn because the 3 Series wagon is one of the absolute best overall daily drivers one the road.

It’s especially sad because the new G21 BMW 3 Series Touring looks really good from what we’ve seen so far and the new generation of 3er is significantly better to drive than the outgoing F30-gen. So this would be the best 3 Series wagon in a long time and it’s the one we’re not going to get.

While the F31 BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon wasn’t a perfect car by any means, as its variable steering was unpredictable and its suspension left a lot to be desired, it was still a great car. I actually have very fond memories of testing a Mediterranean Blue BMW 328i Sports Wagon with Cognac Dakota leather and the Track Handling package awhile back. It wasn’t a perfect car but it was such a great daily, being fun, practical and comfortable.


There’s also the fact that the 3 Series was the last bastion of wagonhood in its segment in America. Audi has abandoned its excellent A4 Avant in the ‘States and Mercedes-Benz has ditched the very handsome C-Class wagon. So now we get zero wagons in the segment.

So let us mourn the BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon, the Swiss Army Knife of cars. It was a good run and hopefully BMW picks it back up again one day. But for now, we mourn.