Carfection is known for its superb production quality, excellent insight and just overall really entertaining car videos. “Videos” might actually be an inappropriate word to describe what Carfection produces. They’re more like automotive films. One film, or I should say series of films, they have on the way is about the history of the BMW M3 and it could be the ultimate M3 film.

To create this BMW M3 film series, Carfection managed to gather all of the generations of M3 together and take them to the track at Castle Combe. However, that series of films is not yet finished. The video we’re watching here is Henry Catchpole and Drew Stearne sitting in a Honda Civic Type R, blasting around Castle Combe, talking about the upcoming M3 series they’re making.

Despite no BMWs actually being driven in this video, it’s a very interesting one and one that shows just how much work goes into making such high production quality films. There’s a massive crew, with four producers, tons of camera people and tracking cars all working in the background to make the awesome videos we see from Carfection. So these aren’t just plucky car nuts making cheap videos on YouTube. These are real deal pros making great stuff.

We also get to hear them talk about the generations of BMW M3 a bit and it’s interesting to hear their takes. One being about whether or not the BMW M3 CS should be considered part of this test, as it’s the only sedan. M3s have always been coupes, with the E36 M3 having a sedan variant, so does this new one really count or should they have used an M4? Also, it was interesting to hear Catchpole talk about how the BMW M2 Competition feels far more comparable in size to the E30 M3 than the M3 CS. It’s something we already knew but when you think about it, it really highlights just how far the M3 has strayed from its original roots.

So while there isn’t actually a BMW M3 review going on in this video, it is interesting to watch, both in terms of learning about the history of the M3 and the inner workings of Carfection’s process.