When the new BMW X7 celebrates its market launch in the Spring of 2019, it will not only take a special role among the X models because of its size and positioning. In contrast to X1, X3 and X5, the X7 will also be the only BMW SUV model with no coupe corresponding design.

Ascariss Design’s photoshop shows what a potential X7-based BMW X8 could look like – it combines the imposing front of the X7 with a flowing coupe roofline, providing a virtual preview of a model that is unlikely to become reality.

While the X7 scores with generous space for up to seven occupants and trumps its little brother X5, especially in the third row, a BMW X8 could offer little added value compared to the X6 – four to five passengers travel in the X6 relatively comfortable, so the advantage of a spacious third row is not a possibility in the X8.

The designs are based on the X7 xDrive40i with Design Pure Excellence and on the X7 M50d with quad-turbo diesel. In principle, both drivetrains would be ideal for an X8-sized SUV, but so far, there is no indication that BMW is planning one.